Your problems are unique. So are our solutions.

DiNovo Price offers its clients flexibility. We can present a range of fee structures so that, together with the client, we can collaboratively determine the best financial fit for each situation. Our goal is to present a fee structure to each client that will ensure that the client’s expectations are always met. Our fees may be contingent, flat, hourly, mixed, or a blend thereof—but unlike some big firms, we’re not afraid to “get creative” when it comes to finding a fee structure that works for each case and each client.

We are a high performance organization whose mission is our clients’ success. We believe clients have a right to expect the exceptional from us — in service, value, and results — and our goal is to meet or exceed that expectation on every matter for every client.We focus on how to accomplish this in the manner most appropriate to each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

The standard we uphold is to earn our clients’ confidence on the first matter and to keep earning it on future matters. Every aspect of our practice is directed to representing clients expertly and cost-consciously, whether than means analyzing your legal issues and developing a creative and strategic approach, assembling a team with attorneys in other practice, drawing on our extensive experience in complex litigation, or being available virtually 24/7.